Boarding School Supervisor


Demande d'emploi


Job Title       : Boarding School Supervisor

Reports to    : Boarding School Director.

Location       : Kigutu, Burundi.

Organization Background

Kigutu International Academy (KIA) is an ambitious initiative of Village Health Works (VHW) an NGO founded in 2005 in Burundi

KIA is a secondary boarding school created to educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial young leaders in Burundi.

The students are at the core of their own transformative education at KIA. The school recruits identify and select the most promising students throughout all of Burundi. Those selected have demonstrated not only succeed academically but have also shown leadership and commitment to improving their schools and their communities.

KIA brings together this cohort of students from a diverse range of backgrounds for a powerful educational and leadership journey over four years. Competencies and skills such as critical thinking and character development are intentionally folded into a sustained high level of academic achievement. KIA helps these young students to reinvent what is possible in a progressive and intentional sequence throughout their four years of secondary school and their further careers.

One of KIA’s missions is to serve as a model school to help reinforce and enrich the Burundian educational system. In doing so it also prepares the KIA graduates for success in universities within the East African community, within central Africa, and internationally.

Position Overview

The boarding Supervisor supports the school in meeting its responsibilities of Duty of Care. He is expected to support and uphold the aims and policies of KIA through example, attitude, and a genuine interest in its activities.

He reports to the Boarding School Director. He will work as part of a team led by the Head of school and act as a caregiver. He will also contribute to the life of the Boarding School is expected to be a strong role model with whom the students can relate in a positive way.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To watch over the students during all non-academic times.
  • To be responsible for the day-to-day running of the dorms and school dining room according to the school’s schedule.
  • To foster the physical and emotional environment of students under their care.
  • To foster trust, respect, and caring attitudes to enable students to become independent and responsible thus helping them to cope with school life.
  • To be available to the students at all times, taking care of their general well-being, helping to develop and maintain a good standard of discipline.
  • To ensure adequate discipline is kept within the house, manners are encouraged and respect within the house engendered.
  • Support the school’s systems for managing student behavior.
  • To take Roll calls and maintain proper records.
  • Be involved with weekend activities and supervise students as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social sciences or Business Administration.
  • Fluency in French and English is preferred.
  • Have effective communication, listening, and organization skills
  • Having a good understanding and tolerance of teenagers, Supervisory experience is a plus.
  • Be presentable and have an approachable manner
  • Demonstrated experience in a similar role and in being able to create a caring, friendly and welcoming boarding environment.
  • Demonstrated proficient communication and interpersonal skills and has an ability to relate well to staff, students and parents.
  • Demonstrate experience in Mental health
  • Demonstrated outstanding behavioral management capability.
  • Demonstrated understanding and awareness of issues related to students’ development, education, and pastoral needs.
  • Sound organizational skills and the ability to meet all administrative demands and deadlines. Outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills underpinned by tolerance, compassion, and integrity.

Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.

How to apply

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a CV and a thoughtful cover letter outlining why this position is of interest, exactly how your experience matches the qualifications stated and what you believe differentiates you from other candidates. Additionally, please provide the salary range you are seeking. Submissions without cover letters and salary requirements will not be considered.

Submissions should be in English and sent to: Please include “Boarding School Supervisor” in the subject line of your email.

Village Health Works considers is an equal opportunity to all applicants.


Deadline: July 20, 2022