Housekeeping Manager


Demande d'emploi



Position Title: Housekeeping Manager

Reports To: General Ward

Location: Kigutu, Burundi

Organization Overview

Village Health Works (VHW) is a joint American-Burundian non-profit and non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide quality, compassionate health care in a dignified environment while treating the root causes of illness, poverty, violence, and neglect in collaboration with those we serve. The organization’s operations are based in Kigutu, Burundi, with support from the headquarter office in New York. With close to 500 full- and part-time employees in Burundi, as well as a small team in the United States.

VHW delivers a wide array of programs in a catchment area of 200,000 people within the provinces of Rumonge and Bururi. VHW’s approach integrates clinical services with education, food security, economic development, environmental protection, music and the arts. Our central program is a clinic that conducts over 50,000 patient consultations and has 4 inpatient wards. VHW is currently constructing the Kigutu Hospital and Women’s Health Pavilion, a 150 bed surgical and teaching hospital. Construction and instillation of equipment is being completed over the second half of 2022 with a projected clinical opening in the first half of 2023.  In preparation for the hospital’s planned opening VHW, is expanding its technical capacity, procuring complex medical equipment and likewise is expanding its ability to install maintain this equipment.

Position Overview:

Responsible for staffing, scheduling, training and developing all staff. Manage the daily activities of the housekeeping department to include appropriate cleaning of all bedrooms, public areas and offices. To monitor, check and maintain standards of cleanliness within all areas of the hospital daily.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Assign duties to members of staff
  • Inspect the environment within the organization to ensure it meets the minimum best practice throughout the organization
  • Develop minimum standards for prospective members of his department and minimum standards for rating the work
  • Listen to customers’ complaints and ensure that the complaints are addressed efficiently and effectively
  • Stand-in for any member of staff that is unavailable to carry out their duties in order to prevent any unfilled gap
  • Responsible for ensuring dirty laundries are timelessly and appropriately cleaned
  • Order supplies for the housekeeping department
  • Ensure efficient use of departmental resources
  • Direct all housekeeping activities
  • Maintain good relationship with customers and/or clients and suppliers of housekeeping items

Skills and qualifications required:

  • Passionate about a hygienic environment
  • Mathematical skills needed in order to appropriately mix cleaning agents according to the prescription of the manufacturer
  • The ability to take the initiative and lead others
  • Knowledge of the process of sterilizing equipment
  • Effective interpersonal skill
  • Work experience as a housekeeping manager may be considered in lieu of appropriate certification
  • The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • The ability to pay attention to details
  • Good listening skill
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • Good diplomatic skill
  • Punctuality to serve as an example to employees
  • Basic understanding of how to carry out plumbing
  • The ability to think critically over housekeeping issues and proffer cost-effective solutions
  • Self-control is also a necessary characteristic of a prospective housekeeping manager to handle difficult people appropriately
  • Proficiency in the use of information and communication technology tools is a plus for prospective housekeeping managers

Skills and qualifications required:

Minimum of two years related experience in a hospital and/or fast paced restaurant environment. Strong supervisory, leadership and coaching skills. Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Excellent communication skills (oral and written).

Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.

Required documents:

- Cover letter

- update CV

- Certified copy of diplomas and training certificates

- Job Certificates

- 2 reference persons

Application process:

If you are interested, please deposit the required documents at the following address:
Bujumbura, Commune Muha, Zone Kinindo, Quartier Kinanira III, Avenue Mpungwe II, N° 81 or in Kigutu in Commune Vyanda-Province Bururi or send them by Email:

Closing date for applications: November 6th, 2022.