Animal Husbandry Professional/ Research Associate


Demande d'emploi


POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT : Animal Husbandry professional position for the PRDAIGL project in Burundi

Job title:  Animal Husbandry Professional/ Research Associate

Duration: 6 months

Job type: National Full time

Location: Bujumbura, Burundi



CGIAR is a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food-secure future. The Regional Integrated Agricultural Development Project in the Great Lakes (PRDAIGL) is at the heart of the agricultural economy of Burundian households and reflects Burundi's long-term vision to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth. By facilitating a transformation of Burundian agriculture, the project should have significant multiplier effects: generate demand for agricultural products and associated inputs and services, create agricultural and non-agricultural jobs, improve incomes and contribute to value addition, sector revenues. These effects should: (i) promote the inclusion of largely poor smallholders in more modern and efficient value chains; (ii) increase food and nutritional security; (iii) add value to important products and help increase farmers' incomes; and (iv) provide an effective basis for industrialization and for more and better jobs (especially for women and youth). In the medium and long term, an efficient, profitable and competitive agricultural sector will emerge, providing inputs and services to smallholder farmers and mobilizing sufficient investments for its sustainable development.

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to improve food and nutritional security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock. It is the only one of 15 CGIAR research centers dedicated entirely to animal agriculture research for the developing world. Co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia, it has regional or country offices and projects in East, South and Southeast Asia as well as Central, East, Southern and West Africa.

ILRI seeks to fill the position of the Animal Husbandry Professional / Research associate

Summary of responsibilities

The overall responsibility of the Research Associate -Animal husbandry shall be to coordinate field activities operating in all provinces that have been earmarked by PRDGAIL project. The Animal Husbandry Professional /Research Associate shall report to the ILRI expert -milk transformation in Bujumbura

The Research Associate – Animal Husbandry Professional will focus on the following main areas of work:

  • Facilitate the execution of the enlarged market study, which will be led by an ILRI consultant (specific duties will include: organizing focal group discussion, arrangement of the meeting, access to relevant document including summarised translations from Kirundi into English or French if necessary, and other required support deemed
  • Provide logistical support to other consultants deployed by ILRI within the framework of ILRI activities in Burundi
  • Development of training material for farmers in good husbandry techniques for dairy farming in collaboration with ISABU
  • Development of training material for operations in the different structures of the dairy network, including hygiene of premises and materials (milk cans and corporal hygiene of staff and platforms of test of milk)
  • Development of training manual for capacity building, with a focus on dairy cattle management
  • Facilitating the above-mentioned training activities, including active participation in the training of trainers
  • Support to national livestock departments in developing disease /pest control calendars for the dairy animals based on disease occurrence, frequency and economic importance this will include control of zoonotic diseases such as brucellosis and tuberculosis
  • Seconding the choice of farmers to whom improved cattle will be provided and facilitating the distribution of improved dairy cattle that are provided by the project to small holder farmers
  • Responsible for field collection of data, samples and their analyses
  • Dissemination of livestock research results and new technologies to other scientists, extension staff, farmers and NGO’s
  • Assist producers to source seed and other inputs for higher yielding forage crops and training them to prepare nutritionally balanced home mixed rations for different category of dairy cattle
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual progress reports
  • Share success stories and lessons-learned with stakeholders through various media.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • MSc in livestock husbandry sciences
  • 5 to 7 years’ experience in the relevant field
  • Respect local culture while communicating with clients.
  • Microsoft Excel for data entry and data analysis.
  • Microsoft Word for word processing (e.g., typing, editing, printing) and designing graphics)
  • Able to write in French and English

Method of Application

Interested applicants should submit their application (saved in one pdf file under their names) including cover letter and curriculum vitae. The application must include the names and e-mail addresses of three professional referees which must include the applicant’s current or previous direct supervisor, professional colleague.

Email your application to and the subject matter is the position title.

The closing date is June 27th, 2022.